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Charte PerFormance

To remain efficient today is in itself a performance

PerFormance targets to provide healthcare professionals with the tools necessary for the maintenance and progress of their professional practice. We set a high value on scientific, clinical and technical knowledge in order to assure safety and health of the patient.


It is essential for health care professionals to update their scientific, clinical and technical knowledge in their specific field.

We are convinced that continued training is a key tool to ensure the continual transfer of knowledge from research to its application for the benefit of the patient.

We believe that this continued training should be taught by recognized experts in their field to guarantee accuracy in their knowledge and provide the necessary skills development. These experts should come from various geographical backgrounds, bringing with them their cultural diversity and the diversity gained from experience in the field.

We also believe that continued training can improve practice by identifying the best modes of action, that it enables the evaluation of clinical reality, and therefore provides the practitioner the knowledge for good practice.

We are committed to providing healthcare professionals with scientific knowledge directly implemented in practical sessions during training, to allow the immediate application of acquired knowledge in their professional practice. The cost of training will always be established so as to allow access to as many people as possible.

We would wish to organize this program in a spirit of sharing and exchange to foster the encounter between health care professionals coming from different geographical and cultural horizons.

We are committed to the principles of scientific, non-dogmatic education, and exercise critical thinking, that is to say the constant questioning of assumptions by critical reflection leading to rejection of any form of indoctrination.

Our location provides the ideal surroundings, for immersion into a group, concentration, and also facilitates the detachment from the constraints of everyday life.

We aim to provide a global wellbeing that enables the participants to optimise their personal investment and to leave content, and enriched with new knowledge and practices.


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